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18:42Mads Lewis Tells All | Dixie D'Amelio
Mads Lewis Tells All | Dixie D'AmelioOgledi 2,8 mio.Pred mesecem
15:04Talking About F***BOY
Talking About F***BOYOgledi 1,9 mio.Pred mesecem
3:34Dixie - F***BOY (Official Video)
Dixie - F***BOY (Official Video)Ogledi 10 mio.Pred mesecem
17:01I Ate Disgusting Food With Noah | Dixie D'Amelio
18:00Dave Portnoy Thinks I'm Crazy | Dixie D'Amelio
14:30I Finally Got My Own Show | Dixie D'Amelio
I Finally Got My Own Show | Dixie D'AmelioOgledi 1,9 mio.Pred 2 meseci
3:41Dixie D'Amelio - Roommates (Official Video)
15:04The Dixie D'Amelio Show With James Charles
The Dixie D'Amelio Show With James CharlesOgledi 4,6 mio.Pred 6 meseci
13:49Talking About One Whole Day
Talking About One Whole DayOgledi 1,3 mio.Pred 6 meseci
9:09The Dixie D'Amelio Show With Larray
The Dixie D'Amelio Show With LarrayOgledi 4 mio.Pred 6 meseci
9:21The Dixie D'Amelio Show with FaZe Rug
The Dixie D'Amelio Show with FaZe RugOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred 6 meseci
8:08The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Charli D'Amelio
3:15Dixie D'Amelio - Be Happy (Dillon Francis Remix)
15:45The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Dillon Francis


  • Man’s just cruising in a Durango hellcat

  • When’s the next zoom

  • I need medical care after watching this shit

  • Keep going with this

  • Purrrr Dixie luv u so much

  • In my studies which is mostly likely my own head, I realized that the song would have done so much better if someone else sang it and is actually rational with it.

  • Worst song I’ve ever heard,sry

  • Dude dixie was the rudest....like did u see larry he was like no im a good frien and dixe was just an IDIOOOOOT

  • I have that eye condition

  • Jesus is coming back soon

  • i love you dixe and charli

  • lets be honest her voice is to bad

  • Can't bellive its already been an year

  • emma chamberlain needs to come on here

  • Greatest time in love 🥰 love love you 😍 hi 🙋‍♀️ I have to get to my

  • Dixie would be so good at paparazzi because she knows where everyone lives 🙃

  • Bleh

  • when she finds out what 'fuck' means:

  • Did you notice how sweet Dixie laughs ❤️

  • Hi 🙋‍♂️ I am happy

  • Apropo sunt din romaniaaa

  • Her voice is below average.

  • Red dead redemption house building tune

  • You are talented, but get someone else to write your songs

  • jeff is really creative. like no joke, mans spontaneously and wittily creates hypothetical scenarios for humor and has like a whole conversation with himself


  • That was a straight up mean girl move by Dixie. My sisters would never! She says she took it because Charli needs to learn how to be grateful? She was clearly very grateful for the gift. Dixie needs to “learn” to choose her family over possessions.

  • thank you wiz for carrying this song

  • 💀

  • have you seen the way Noah was looking at James at the start?!

  • Yup thanks dude

  • I love this song

  • The cussing is so forced

  • Bring madi

  • guys she threw water at me 😑😑😐🙄

  • maybe he just refer black girl

  • Wizzzzzzz wiz wiz whyyyyyyyy your so much better then this

  • It’s what I felt….😶

  • Yo love this ❤️❤️❤️

  • lowe yoi diksi

  • diksi lowe te diksi lowe lowe lowe

  • 🥰😍💋💋

  • Bruh its just a songgggggggg stopppp f hating ittttttty .Like I like it

  • If you love someone you can tell that they are lying the second you see their eyes

  • Unless you're Dixie bc then idc if i get in trouble

  • This is so inspirational bc she's saying she was sad for one day and then she remembered she doesn't need him bc he made her sad. I'm not a teenager yet but i'm sure this song will help me through boys when i am. Thank you so much!Also don't reply i'm on my mum's acc and she'll find out

  • The way y’all are commenting about this song being horrible and funny yet y’all are here putting money in her pocket lol. Support or keep your opinions to yourself especially if they are overly negative

  • Nice best song ever(im deaf and blind so can i get a like?)


  • peoples noes change in puberty tho eeks dee

  • i love charli!!!!!!!

  • this hits hard when you're deaf

  • I'm here because I'm sad

  • You guys don't go to heaven, you go to fire..

  • Dixie what 😟 your audience is literally 7 year olds to 17 year olds

  • Ohh she should get Addison

  • One nei

  • I don’t really like the song, but I don’t understand the need for everyone to hate on her.. are y’all not tired?

  • Kmsmqmm

  • Wtf is this

  • Guys it'll sound better you just need to mute the audio

  • Since When Wiz khalifa started collaborating with shitty artists💀 (sorry I disrespected the word "Artist" by calling Dixie one)

  • The comments are way more fun than the song 😂

  • Music isnt for you

  • I love u Dixie

  • When your volume is turned all the way down the song it’s different😍

  • My volume Charil : ⬆️ Dixie:⏹ James:⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • still looking for talent

  • Because Dixie‘s gonna read this and it’s going to hurt your feelings

  • So really really really shut up

  • Stop talking bad about Dixie song because she’s gonna need this and she’s gonna find out what a horrible person you are and she’s gonna hate you so stop

  • Bruh these comments are just ✨amazing✨

  • Hi

  • not even ⏃ minute in and it already reminds me of that one taylor swift music video-

  • she gets more annoying by the second 😀

  • Who is the dude in this vid like did she break up with Noah or sum

  • Yo you really stole from red dead

  • Love it Dixie! I also watched the behind the scene one! I love both of them! And also love them!! 🥰🥰❤️❤️