Exclusive Behind the Scenes For Naughty List Music Video | Dixie D'Amelio

I had such a good time working on this song with Liam!! The music video was great, it started the holiday season early for me and we had so much fun! Thanks so much to @Liam Payne Official for having me on your track! Happy Holidays!!!

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  • CDixie you are beautiful and you touched me this christmas

  • 👍🏻💖

  • literally her only good song

  • Your so pretty 🤩

  • Min loves Daxi and Charli😣♥

  • that wavy hair is perfection

  • You got to meet THE Liam Payne! Ur so lucky girl

  • I hope we get more behind the scenes 🤍🙌

  • the fact that literally everyone watched this to see liam-

  • ANDREEA🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻

  • Bad words music video dixie d'amelio stop singing in stopped woman dixie

  • Dixie,when are you going to relase more beautiful and amazing song?I love you Dixie

  • Yo hablo epañolxdx No mutra a Liam Payne😡 pero si su voz de menos algo de el jaja

  • 💗

  • I'm so proud Dixie!!❤ ur amazing and I love all ur music their all great!🔥🥺❤

  • who else was waiting for noah to come and cheer her on

  • Love Liam!!!

  • Nobody: Literally Nobody: Dixie: iM ShiNy

    • @ToothyAnimations ooohhhhhhhh really boi u adopted

    • hahahahahahahhahahhaha also im your son i commented this comment from my phone :)

  • Every time she answers with mmhmm is so damn rude, ugh. Why are you making a video when you’re so uninterested in the whole thing.

    • Gurll she’s not mad that’s just her personality

  • This is great

  • I’m still waiting for the Dixie d’melio show with Liam Payne?

  • Dixe I love you ❤️💓💓💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • OMG! The song sounds so good, so happy for u!

  • when the song comes out in like february its not gonna make any sense 😭 ✋

  • Hi

  • The song is not even out

  • Am I the only one wondering why the music video hasn’t come out yet cause I know I am for sure

  • Omg yaaas

  • She doesn't look happy or excited .... She's singing with Liam! What the hell is wrong with her?!?!?

  • When charli and that guy were dancing 😂

  • When Dixie asked Charli about having goldfish LOL 😂

  • Bad song Dixie

  • Hello

  • I'm so proud of you Dixie lysm😘

  • Yes queen

  • This must have been so freaking amazing! I love it

  • So umm 1D stans taking over now?

  • When will this come out

  • Ok, but yall still obsessed over two random, basic white girls??? I’m sorry but all they did was dance and ppl were like: OMG she is the best wow so different and special!! But the people who have talent and who are actually special don’t get any fame??? Tf

  • bro- these comments are the actual stupidest things I have seen since corona

  • I love it just know ur amazing

  • Ask why you did not upload the song itself

  • Ask why you did not upload the song itself

  • Ask why you did not upload the song itself

  • Ask why you did not upload the song itself

  • שאלה למה לא העלתם את השיר עצמו?

  • 2:04

  • Everyone in this set is beutifull

  • Dixie on break: "hey i saw u had goldfish before"


  • You Is beautiful 💖🤩

  • Directioners👀👀

  • That's so cool

  • She's so pretty!!

  • Michelle and her family 👪 and I have been talking 👄 about the house ❤ for a while and I was wondering 😔 what is the status on this order and how long 🤔

  • Niiiicceeee

  • My 4 year old cousin learned how to put on Spotify music on her moms phone and she wanted to put on Christmas music in the car yesterday because we were going to be In the car for a long time and she is sooooo picky with the music she could never just listen to one song she has to change it but naughty list was on one of the playlist and she said that she loved this song especially the girl who sang in it and kept playing it over and over. I just felt like sharing💕 btw Dixie your my idol Happy holidays everyone 💚❤️

  • Girl, You should be proud you've collabed with LIAM FREAKING PAYNE....

  • I hate her so much god!!!!

  • Omg hi I love u

  • hello cen you follower mx.altuna she is a fan

  • Sister de charli d’amélio

  • No hate to her but she did not do a bit to promote the song. I mean- okay bye.

  • Who else is here to see Liam

  • I dont have tik tok. Im just here for Liam

  • Charli need a song 🥺

  • Dixie,Liam this is a family show....no it is

  • I love both Dixie and Liam but why is there no love in the comments for Dixie 😭 People be making up how she feel

  • Your so pretty!

  • Dixie is really working hard.

  • Wow Liam payne- Dixie really living her best life

  • If you’ve never threw hate 👉

  • People say Liam only has Human fans like if you're Nialls potatoes

  • People say Liam only has Human fans like if you're Kevin the bird

  • One ☝️ neigh 🐴 one ☝️ neigh 🐴 I was really really sad 😢

  • Dixie honestly got stuff handed to her. I support her but so many people have dreamed if working with liam or anyone from ONE DIRECTION the biggest boyband ever, and shes just getting it handed to her. I understand she has a great voice and stuff, but she also seemed really bored on set like girl you finna meet liam payne u needa be more hyped

  • ❤❤

  • I love it 😀

  • i like dixie and also liam

  • Dixie you are the best singer ever!!

  • hi


  • She looks like she doesn't wanna be there, SHE IS FILMING A MUSIC VIDEO FOR A SONG WITH LIAM PAYNE. (No hate)

  • The music video is out pls go watch and show some love to Dixie and Liam.

  • Ok, but why does she looks like she doesnt even want to be there I-

  • Do you guys get Covid testing

  • Post mv

  • She is soo boring

  • The disrespect 👁️👄👁️ The Behind the scenes has more views than the actual mv?

  • Ngl... Dixie looks SO good!

  • girl is on a song with LIAM PAYNE and she looks like she doesn’t gaf😐 she hardly promoted to song and promoted HER music instead- fame shouldn’t be handed out 🚶🏻‍♀️

  • Mariam

  • 😻😻😻

  • No liam?!...I am in payne😑

  • This is kinda random, but the guy wearing the red outfit in the photobooth scenes is so cute and seems like he'd be fun to be around

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    • Omg I was searching for a comment about him lol anyone know who he is


  • I didn't knew what dixe did in entire video 🙄???


  • I'm here for Liam