The Lie Detector With Noah Beck | The Dixie D'Amelio Show

The time has come..... Noah got his way and our last video got 2 million likes so a promise is a promise. At the end of this video, you'll see what 3 million likes gets!! I hope you all enjoy watching!


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  • thanks for watching!!

  • Noah could do so much better.

  • Did you notice how sweet Dixie laughs ❤️

  • If you love someone you can tell that they are lying the second you see their eyes

  • I love how if you guys watched the james charles one he no for having a thing for Noah beck but Noah lied for this one so who know

  • words cannot explain how much i hate this girls laugh.

  • 12:22 oooo

  • Idk..but their relationship seems toxic

  • Noah: *puts foot on dog* realises he's on camera ana oop 😳

  • Do you like snails? Also her: Gags up snails

  • Omg I love ❤️ u

  • Poor Noah😭

  • relationship goals am I right or am I right

  • Lie detector more like life detector.❤️💜💖❣️

  • Why do I feel sad for Noah?? 😅

  • They DEFINITELY fought after this.

  • Lie Detector man does NOT wanna be there 😭

  • I came to the comments and I agree that she's mean. I wanna hug Noah, he just kept saying that he's fine even though he clearly was hurt. She kept laughing and acting like a rude middle school boy.

  • This is hard to watch tbh

  • Get a pet snake for a day.

  • Get a pet snake for a day.

  • What I think is what is true -dixie

  • Am I annoying? Yea 😥

  • Jesus is coming back soon

  • Bruh this whole entire vid is so awkward.

  • hahahahha immm deaddddd Noah : he’s a just a friend Dixi yEA a ReLlY GooD FRieNd

  • ewww this was a waste of time lol. y’all need to grow up, you especially dixie

  • That guy never smiles

  • oooo

  • Wow such a healthy relationship

  • y’all that john guy be meeting some crazy celebs

  • Dixie:am I annoying Noah:yes! Me: oop,not even a hesitation

  • the lie detector guy got me LMAO

  • Dixie where did you get ur shoes!

  • Oop

  • You guys are soo cute!!!!

  • Reacting to girls product

  • Honestly Dixie is being toxic :( poor Noah. It is NOT ok.

  • No more fortnite

  • 12:20

  • dixie when posed tough questions: *just laugh awkwardly it'll be fine*

  • are we not gonna talk about noah being physically attracted to james charles or-

  • Dye ur hair permanently rainbow and leave it in for at least a month guys keep this at the top!!

  • Hi guys

  • She iss mean to him... this wont last long..

  • Dixies laugh tho I love it

  • just from the questions Noah asks, you can tell how insecure he is just from the need to hear with all the words that Dixie loves him when it hasn't been a year since they've been together, this is just my pov

  • she is annoying I agree with Noah on this

  • I'm dumb I thought they had like two pet skunks sitting by both of them but those are just pillows 😶🤣

  • You can see how true Noah answers the questions dixie asks him, while she laughs trying to be funny. It's really not funny. She isnt acting cool laughing because she dosent know the answers. There is so much bad and negative signs coming from dixie towards noah.

  • I feel like all of the comments (almost) are hating on Dixie it’s not nice Dixie might see all of your hate comments and she might get very upset and that would be really horrible so Pleaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaease don’t hate on her it’s really mean and hurtful and if Dixie sees your comments it might upset her

  • Shes so rude to him

  • You can switch lives for a day

  • do u like snails....

  • Odor detector test with James and noah

  • Noah should've asked Dixie if they cheated on the MrBeast- you know, wasted opportunity..

  • I would have said have you ever cheated on me?

  • this is so cringe it makes me want to peel my own skin off like a banana peel just to have something else to do

  • Give the poor boy a break lol

  • They seem really toxic, but so cute 😂

  • make out

  • I feel this relationship going down the drains.... :( just true.

  • Shave his head

  • this is so awkward

  • she isnt mean shes just insecure. pure insecurities. he could do so much better

  • Noah is probably Heart Broken and Dixie is probably heart broken if he lied🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Noah and James sitting down a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

  • I know I’m late but these comments are awful if he genuinely thinks she is mean and abusive wouldn’t Noah leave the relationship

  • why are all of you coming after dixie like she just got out of a relationship with griffin who cheated on her and she has trust issues because of that and it's not because of noah it's because of griffin. It's hard to trust again after someone you care so much about has been fake the whole time.

  • 12:20 ok let's think of a ship name also I love how dixie said "it's ok"

  • James been real quiet when this came out 12:22

  • He needs to get out of this relationship as sooooooon as possible.

  • Why do you guys just hate on dixie pls dont hate on their relationship there very cute together 😍

  • Wo sind die Deutschen

  • tbh dixie doesnt deserve noah

  • yt recommended me this so i decided to watch it. one thing’s for sure, that dixie girl is toxic


  • Yo nice song about the n word

  • This was interesting... IT WAS EMBARRASSING

  • Noah seems like such a great guy. I feel like he deserves someone just as in love with him.

  • Why is everyone saying that Dixie broke Noah’s heart ...I think it was mutual

  • what the hold dang taco fuck i can tell dixie was blushing and turning nervous and let me just say noah just goes straight into the love questions

  • She don't deserbe him

  • dixie is a brat

  • How you even comfortable posting

  • 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

  • He sits like / \

    • HAHAHA true thats what i noticed too

  • G ebb x

  • why is she like this ? he looks so genuinely hurt and she is just HEheHehEHeheHEHe


  • Dixie said that she was scared he was gonna hurt her... she hurt him... 💔

  • O........K

  • nobody: her:HEHEHEawwwe

  • I feel like she’s 6years younger

  • This is just reminding me of johnny depp and amber heard😒😒


  • POV: you come from TikTok

  • 11:33 Noah looked terrified after that break up question

  • you wellcome

  • He’s to good for her straight up.! You can just tell.!