Dave Portnoy Thinks I'm Crazy | Dixie D'Amelio

The time has come. The official President of @Barstool Sports . I couldn't stay away from Dave Portnoy any longer. I hope you enjoy watching our favorite pizza debate! Don't forget the show airs every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!

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  • I love Pizza Dixie🍕

  • Dave is a natural, Dixie seems awkward and uninteresting.

  • wtf

  • Awesome

  • I feel like the laugh track is weird and unnecessary ?

  • I’m here after watching Jeff sign right over Dave’s signature

    • I thought he had no write to do that.

    • She said do you and Dave have beef? “I mean if something happens to him I had nothing to do with it”😂

  • why jeff hate or love him someone explain

    • dave and his co hosts in their podcast talking sh*t about jeff accident without knowing the gravity of situation and how serious it is. mfs should have done some research first since podcast supposed to be informative rather than taking sh*t out of their as*

  • he's creepy and i think dixie feel uncomfortable too. imagine a whole 40's grown adult stanning you, a 19yo girl? thats weird man

    • Doubt he’d be on her show if she felt uncomfortable

  • Dave’s signature got in the way of Jeff’s

  • Dave is now the interviewer Dixie get with the game you clueless tik tok girl

  • Why is this show so interesting to Dave ?? Is it bcs millions of people watch it?? No one thinks my shows are interesting

  • 12 year olds like them and all adults wanna exploit them for money. don't let too much get to your head dixie no one actually likes you

  • Best one yet Dave is a champ

  • Dave pisses me off sometimes like now he acts he so aggressive

  • You know you have made it when you have a room bigger than my bedroom just for people to paint there names on the wall

  • Love this!

  • Why did this girl become famous smh 😭😂😂😂

  • This show is terrible. Wow

  • The laughtrack is so cringe

  • Hahahaha Dixie impression of Josh HE TALKS LIKE THIS ON THE PODCAST like Josh you just got exposed

  • 😬🤭🤔🤬😡🥵

  • Omg ❤ Dixies show

  • Can you please do a slick straight low ponytail tutorial with a lot of hairspray only

  • Newhaven is the pizza capitol of the world? Have you heard of the entire country of Italy who invented pizza Dave?

  • Dixie Damelio looks very Italian 🇮🇹❤️

  • Love how Dave stole the show

  • I love you ❤Daxy ❤

  • At first I was like ✨Dixie’s own show✨ as a joke, but bro.....I don’t think it’s a joke anymore

  • I‘m proud of Dixie. She made it step by step. Started this as a joke and now she is here

  • New haven is the pizza capital of the world, I have never felt so humiliated in my Italian life

  • this has to be one of the worst shows i've ever seen, couldn't get through 2 minutes

  • Cant bother to get someone to pronounce your guests names for you before starting? Why am I not surprised?

  • I know it has nothing to do but ... someone hated you

  • As a Italian my grandpas homemade pizza the best the recipe is straight from italy where my grandpa grew up❤🇮🇹

  • Why is this girl famous she is so bland

  • No way this has a laugh track I can’t even dude

  • Time for you to go on his show

  • You are

  • Yo the SECOND she said Uzi! HARD SUBSCRIBE!

  • This was painful to watch...

  • This comment section is a dumpster fire

  • So fkin lame she doesn’t even know the name of her show

  • im dixie wdym

  • Hello my friend idolllllll

  • They show the preview but we gotta wait 2 months?

  • Very unique and good show

  • Huh

  • “insert audience laughter” lol

  • Why is Dave interviewing dixie

  • Trisha paytas 2021


  • Hello Dixie

  • are you kidding she is a atcor,singer,tiktoker and now is a TV host

  • ew the automated laughter

  • Dave’s so sweet in this lol

  • That's the prettiest peonies bouquet ever!!!

  • Hi, Dixi you are a very loud and beautiful person I love your songs I'm your biggest fan and sister Charli support you

  • good

  • Girl I ordered one of your merch

  • Turned into the Dave portnoy show lol

  • Who else can add five minutes in the video about BFFs and with Dave portony

  • man said a place in AMERICA is the pizza capitol i give up

  • The laugh track is the worst. Please stop doing it

  • Congratulations 🍾🎉🎊🎈

  • 🤡

  • Why is no one talking about the dog 9:32

  • No hate, but she doesn’t even know her shows name I CANT


  • Are these only less than 20 minutes?

  • She's so awkward, her interviewing skills are terrible, she can't stop looking at the guest when she;stalking to us in the intro? I actually hate that this pops up in recommended

  • I feel like Portnoy brings out her more authentic personality

  • It’s basically him interviewing her

  • Dickxie D'Amelio

  • This video is joked


  • Cooaoaoaoaoaoaoa

  • Get rid of laugh track

  • Hi

  • Good

  • I would die to see a full tour of her setup and studio😩

  • Ahh the MySpace days. Joys of being born in the 90’s 😂

  • She's in xhamster

  • Yo she's in the hub

  • That laugh track gotta go

  • Did I really just hear a laugh track? Lol

  • OMG I love Dave so much he's hilarious 😂😂❤

  • This show deserve to be on T.V. LMAO 😜lost of love Dixx❤😘

  • At the end did she say “okay, you can go now?” Also, you definitely could have linked Daves video in the description... I thought that was kind of rude not to do.

    • It's an East Coast thing I guess

  • Dixie: let’s just do this in the living room Future Dixie: chilling in a whole studio

  • Whoever is reading this I hope you succeed in life and have a good day 🤙🏻👍😁✅

  • hi

  • Hi Dixie! I love you!

  • Dave is awesome . Great show Dixie!!

    • I’m starting a channel follow me if you want! :)

  • Why are you not Christian do you not believe in Jesus he created this world and you and your family you don’t have to go to church but can you at least appreciate gods creation and do your parents let you stick up the middle finger and don’t you think charli is to young to be doing that I am not saying i hate you guys i just don’t like you guys because of how you act what you do what you say it makes me feel hurt inside and you should at least read the the Bible and obey Jesus so you can have a good life when you die to go to heaven and not hell ok god bless you guys anyways🤟

  • You should have Nick Austin on the show

  • damn this is hard to watch

  • Dixie: let’s just do this in the living room Future Dixie: chilling in a whole studio

  • why does she always sound like she’s yawning

  • Lmao Cali just walked on the stage 💀😭

  • Omggg I can’t wait for Noah lolll