Dixie - F***BOY (Official Video)

F***BOY by Dixie D'Amelio

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Director Alana O’Herlihy
Production Company Indigo Projects
Executive Producer Emily Hillgren
Video Commissioner Elena De Santiago
1st AD Dylan McGale
Director’s Assistant Zara Saraon
Production Manager John Gittens
Production Coordinator Rob Marienthal
Production Alex Williams
PA Jenn Nguyen
DP Jordan Ritz
1st AC Adam Katzner
2nd AC Natalie Izquierdo
Steadicam Operator Greg Arch
Graphic Artist Carole Civre
Post Production Sunset Edit
VFX Artist Max Colt
Editor Cami Starkman
Colorist Robert Curreri
BTS Photographer Alondra Buccio
DIT Daniel Woiwode, Lucia Rinaldi
Gaffer Eric Sanchez
BBE Anthony Benitez
Key Grip Nestor Gomez
BBG Cameron Hinojos
Styling Maeve Reilly
Hair Laura Polko
Makeup Patrick Ta
Production Designer Kiki Giet
Set Decorator Jenny Boji
Set Decorator Colton Shires
Lead Man Ed Lee
Original neon artwork by Gisela Gutierrez
Covid Compliance Officer Krystle Murray
Motorcoach Soho Coaches
Covid Testing WLNSS
Intern Lea Garn
F***Boy Swann Wav
Casting Agent Four Eyes Casting


I’m caught up in what could've been

Thinking bout what you should've said

Wonder what's going through your head

Wonder whose sleeping in your bed

My mind knows you don't care

But my heart just won't listen

I thought you’d always be there

But you were gone in a minute

I’m tired of not being happy

And you always thinking you have me

But the only way that you have me

Is so f***ed up

You’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

You’re just another m*****f***boy

Cause you’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

Don’t need another m*****f***boy

And why am I so stuck on you

When you’re just stuck on her

Why'd I try to f*** with you

Now I'm just f***ing hurt

And I'm tired

Of being so damn tired

Cause I stayed up all night crying bout a piece of s*** a** liar

And I'm tired

Of being so damn tired

Cause I put in too much energy just tryna fuel this fire

Tired of not being happy

And you always thinking you have me

But the only way that you have me

Is so f***ed up

You’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

You’re just another m*****f***boy

Cause you’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

Don’t need another m*****f***boy

You think that you’re the s***

But no one's into it

Stop asking me for nudes

No, I'll never send those to you

Get off my Instagram

Who do you think I am

Get out of my DMs

And take off those damn Jordans

Cause you’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

Don’t need another f***boy, f***

You’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

You’re just another m*****f***boy

Cause you’re just a f***boy

You’re just a f***boy

That's not enough boy

Don’t need another m*****f***boy



  • Girl....

  • This is crazy. She suddenly gets famous on Tiktok because of her sister and now she thinks she cant sing... She cant. Think of all the artists with talent that work so hard to get recognized and sing about valuable things, their actual life and struggles. This is almost disrespectful. Her music is horrible and she hasn't displayed any talent. What's her appeal? She's not even really pretty. And in her interviews she's honestly stupid. Her entire following is 7-12 year old's and if not you have a really bad taste in music. Lmao this is absolute trash.

  • Yess queen 🖤🖤🖤

  • Anybody making songs now huh

  • 😍😍💗

  • 1:25 AEUGHH!

  • Oula c'est violent

  • Femboy

  • Why are all the things everone said is hate on this song???

  • Ayo nobody talking abt the stuff on his wall 👨🏿‍🦳👓🤏🏿

  • please y’all are so rude for no reason y’all are literally just jealous of her success

  • Dixie I love this song it’s in my head

  • I'm just here to read the comments and clown everyone in the video xD

  • This hits different when deaf

  • This song is so fire when u put it in volume 0

  • Idk what's worst, the music video or the song? 💀

  • this song hits different on mute

  • Ok so the lyrics aren’t the best but I really like the beat of it and the way song goes

  • how she still making break up songs when shes in a relationship... giving very much taylor swift

  • This worst then YBN Nahmir song soul train 😞…

  • Will you **** me jk lol

  • This song is so good idk why everyone is hating🤷‍♀️


  • i love you song so much

  • POV: your in 5th grade and going through your edgy phase

  • Dixie, your songs is perfect!! We love Dixie and Charli!!

  • I love u dixie so much and I love your sister Charly too much, I saw you on tiktoc

  • Most of her fans are like 12 whose gonna buy Thai Merch tho

  • yo pensando que estan haciendo fiestas clandestinas ;-;

  • Ótimo ❣

  • Polska dotarła

  • DIXIE how dare u do such a thing saying f*ck and raising middle finger seriously I thought u were better than that why did u do such a thing I wish charlie is better than that😭😔

    • @d4rk knight so why would she make the song like that and naming it f****boy why would she do the song like taht why would she do it she is weird she could made a song better than that she can make a song like doesn't say in it bad words???????????

    • Ok sorry about that text i send first but you deserved that, she just do it for this song, have you seen dixie do it sometime? Is just for the song

  • Noah deserves better then a girl who is stuck on her ex while he is the only one putting effort to sustain their 'relationship' (If you even call it one) ☠️

    • @d4rk knight Nah, I don't have to shut my mouth for ya'll. She and Charli are a talentless fame who think that the music industry only consists over being pretty and all. She needs to let go of that boy, I can't imagine what Noah is feeling right now being glued to a girl like her

    • You don't know what she passed by so don't say what you don't know

    • You know what dixie suffer for their ex?

    • Girl shut your mouth

  • why u all so mean? issa good song

  • Woah y'all are harsh BUT facts

  • Wtf is this 😭💀🖐🏼

  • Ily dixie

    • Omg you are such a love 🤩♥️

  • Nah this deserves a Grammy award

  • does she even know how many kids might watch this

    • Ofc she has lots of fans that are kids , if they watched this video , Parent's will be like ..... - imagine a kid watching this video and loves the video and says these bad words , he wont be a kid already -

  • middle school students when they go all "emo" cause their crush talked to the popular kid in class.

  • Yo this actually isn't bad AT ALL

    • @Judy Mohamed but she KINDA did a good job

    • Precisely , she said the F* word like 29 times I guess , the whole song is bad words oml

  • Poor Noah :(

    • @d4rk knight She's stil focused on Griffin when she has Noah. so... maybe u shoud think too before commenting

    • Poor noah what, come on think and stop saying that ok

    • @Judy Mohamed sry I confused the name with my friend''s ty

    • ikr + noah*

  • I need medical care after watching this shit

    • You need a doctor , you have problems

  • Keep going with this

  • Purrrr Dixie luv u so much

  • Worst song I’ve ever heard,sry

    • Are you crazy?

    • I don't know , at first i was like Dixie never said these words and she would never do , she never said bad words , But after I saw this song , I regretted what I said.

  • i love you dixe and charli

  • lets be honest her voice is to bad

  • when she finds out what 'fuck' means:

  • Apropo sunt din romaniaaa

  • You are talented, but get someone else to write your songs


  • Yup thanks dude

  • I love this song

  • The cussing is so forced

  • guys she threw water at me 😑😑😐🙄

  • maybe he just refer black girl

  • Yo love this ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bruh its just a songgggggggg stopppp f hating ittttttty .Like I like it

    • Thanks for that, im sendind messages to this haters here

  • The way y’all are commenting about this song being horrible and funny yet y’all are here putting money in her pocket lol. Support or keep your opinions to yourself especially if they are overly negative

  • Nice best song ever(im deaf and blind so can i get a like?)


  • this hits hard when you're deaf

  • Dixie what 😟 your audience is literally 7 year olds to 17 year olds

  • I don’t really like the song, but I don’t understand the need for everyone to hate on her.. are y’all not tired?

  • Music isnt for you

  • Bruh these comments are just ✨amazing✨

    • If you think that you are a bad person, think about it

  • not even ⏃ minute in and it already reminds me of that one taylor swift music video-

  • she gets more annoying by the second 😀

  • Who is the dude in this vid like did she break up with Noah or sum

  • im so proud of u dixie, ilysm!


  • im sorry😭 charlis sleeves are just stapled or wh?😭

  • the vid was so good ❤️❤️❤️

  • im here for the funny comments so I can laugh my ass off okay?

  • "there's gonna people who will like and won't like my music." Umm I guess nobody likes it then??

  • dixie ignore all the people that are saying this is bad because its terrible.

  • Sketchy and sus

  • imagine how awkward it was to film this..

  • stop making songs about your ex...

  • This is so bad

  • Imagine somebody making a lyric video for this…

  • Bro I swear I haven’t seen a single positive comment 💀-

  • Did she just say… “mother fuck boy”😳

  • after some days this is the 3RD damn time she changed her damn main slide on yt-

  • 2:44 is actually kinda fire

  • When the 6th Grader discovers curse words. 👀

  • this music video is - is kinky and im 😭😭😭

  • I do this song on my story and my crush sayed do you mean me 💀🤐

  • this is shit is lukewarm 🔥🔥


  • YOOOO THIS GOES HARD im deaf btw😍😍😍

  • The conversation with Charli in the beginning is the CRRRINGIEST thang evARRR like am NOT even kIddeng😖😖

  • I'm happy that Charli, Avani,and Markell in here

  • Loveeeee

  • Yikes

    • I play tag, and u do it for likes

  • The thing is the boy is not hot

  • I wonder what Noah thought of this video 😀

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢